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The NBA is one of the world's premier sports and entertainment enterprises; a diverse group of high-performing individuals delivering joy and excitement to hundreds of millions of basketball fans all over the world. It should be no surprise that much of our success depends on the Officials (the Referees) who ensure the integrity of the game and a forum where players skills, team dynamics, passion and dedication determine game outcomes.

It is our goal to not only recruit the premier Officials in the world to become part of the NBA team, but also to provide those who want to pursue this exciting career with insight into how to they can develop their skills to achieve professional-level officiating excellence.

Therefore, the purpose of this website is two fold:

1. We want you to better understand the officiating experiences that will best instill the knowledge and skills you need to be an NBA Official
2. We want to learn more about you and where you currently stand against those experiences

The information we gather will help us better determine what track to put you on to becoming an NBA Official and also help us provide you with more specific recommendations on how to improve your overall performance through gaining the right experiences.

Although it is possible for extraordinary Officials to make it to the NBA with only a few years of Officiating experience, for most people, education and experience provide the necessary path to achieving this goal. To this end, we have mapped out the path of Officiating experience that, combined with some innate skill and the dedication to succeed, will provide you with a good shot at moving up through the NBA search ranks.

The figure below shows the levels of experience that learning Officials typically follow.


As you move from Learning the Basics to Advancing Your Skills to Honing Your Skills, you add experience Officiating faster, more skillful and more sophisticated basketball games and learn more advanced skills. When invited to participate in NBA Summer Leagues and/or the Development League, you receive direct guidance from the NBA staff to help you master your skills. Not all steps are necessary to be considered for the NBA, but like players, Officials learn better basketball when they continue to be challenged by more competitive games.

With that in mind, please take the time to complete the questionnaire linked below. Please be thorough in your responses. Note that this is not an application for employment, we want to know more your experience. However, we expect the utmost integrity in responding.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to complete this. We look forward to learning more about you and, hopefully, seeing more of you in the years to come.

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Commissioner of the NBA
Adam Silver